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Family and friends:

on November 7, 2011

On Saturday, Nov. 5, Sandy, Glen, Alana and Cameron were in a head-on collision while on there way to a 10k run. The kids were virtually without injuries. Sandra and Glen, however, suffered brain injuries and in Glen’s case, many broken bones.

For those who do not know the details of the accident, there is a link below of video from CBS Atlanta.

The accident at CBS News

And here at Fox News:

Fox News

5 responses to “Family and friends:

  1. Eileen Tucker says:

    The power of prayer is amazing! Glen & Sandra you will be in our prayers until you are home – just hang in there and keep fighting!

  2. Vina and Jerry says:

    Our prayers are with the Walker families and the Meeker families. How painful it is to see those we love injured and fighting for their lives. We rejoice with you that Sandy and Glen are showing improvement and we pray that will continue, slow but sure. We are also thankful that you have each other and many, many friends to lend support during this difficult time. We will stay in touch and will help out in any way possible.

    Vina and Jerry McIntosh

  3. Ryan Jamieson says:

    Glen and Sandra. We are all praying for you and for a full and speedy recovery. The progress you have already made is encouraging and hopeful to all of your friends. Continue to progress and get strong and healthy again. Hope to see you home soon, back with you kids and each other.

    Ryan and Ashley Jamieson

  4. stefoni edwards says:

    They are in our hearts and prayers at kidsrkids ! We all hope they will make a speedy recovery, Just keep holding on and fighting.

    Stefoni Edwards
    Teacher @ KidsRKids

  5. Thinking of you, Glen & Sandra! Definitely praying for you and the family!

    Daisy C.
    Sheila’s cousin

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