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Michelle’s Story

on November 8, 2011

My story is similar to Margot’s but different. Mike got the call from Grady and we jumped in the car and sped to the hospital. I jumped out while he parked and found a very shaky Margot at the ER desk with news that she’d seen Sandra but still knew nothing about Glen and the kids. Once we learned where everyone was, we drove to Atlanta Medical Center and sat in the waiting room for more than an hour before learning Amy details about Glen. Finally, a doctor talked to us both in a private room to tell us the news of Glen’s injuries, which was scary and hard to hear. But the fact that he was alive was what I clung too – the body and good doctors can do the healing.

They brought us back to see him and my heart broke mostly for Mike. Glen may be my brother in law, but he is my second brother and Sandra this sister I never had and always wanted. I wanted to stay strong for Mike but it was really difficult. The tears were flowing and some other family showed up. We cried together but were thankful he was alive :)

The rest of the day was filled with family and friends coming to the hospital and learning the news. I went to be the family member with Sandra because her family was on the road driving down from Michigan and Margot was wig the kids. Meghan and I slept in the room with Sandra that night – meg in the chair and I on the floor. We stayed with her until her mom, dad and brother arrived. Thankfully, the nurses were so nice and let them go right back to see her upon their arrival even though it was shift change.

I then came back to Glen’s hospital to be with Mike and see Glen. An overwhelming amount of love and support poured through the hospital and on Facebook with prayers. It is amazing to see how many people Glen has touched in his life. Truly amazing. Mike and I have slept in the hospital the last 2 nights and will probably continue to do so for a few more days.

Yesterday was a very positive day and I am hoping for another one today!

Michelle Walker

7 responses to “Michelle’s Story

  1. Anna-Lisa Evans says:

    Sending prayers and love to Glen, Sandra, Alana and Cameron!!!

  2. Shirley Rushmore says:

    Glen & Sandra,
    You may not know me or my family, but we are praying for your recovery everyday. We love you both very much. May God continue to heal you both.

    -Rushmore Family

  3. Pamela Coan says:

    Michelle and Michael, stay strong and try to get as much rest and stress relief as you can so that you can be there for Glen and Sandra. And don’t forget that you have a huge group of us willing to do anything that you need. Thanks for the updates.

    Pam Coan

  4. Hello all. We at Kids ‘R’ Kids are all sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery for both Sandra and Glen. Additionally, we want all of you to know that both Cameron and Alana are doing fine here. We are giving extra hugs whenever possible. Please let us know if there is anything further that we can do.

  5. Saida M Latigue says:

    My prayers & blessings are recited for Glen, Sandra & their beautiful children continually, always… Love you dearly …

  6. Tracy Hauk shiplett says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Glen and Sandra as you recover from this terrible accident

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