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Thanks for your prayers

on November 8, 2011

The power of your prayers has been amazing! Both Sandra and Glen continue to show improvement. Little by little, hour by hour, they have shown signs of progress.

More to come later, but rest assured that any and all progress has been positive.

Thanks again for all of your tremendous generosity and caring.


15 responses to “Thanks for your prayers

  1. Valerie says:

    Thank you for creating this blog. I have been checking Glen’s FB page everyday for updates. I am keeping him and Sandra in my prayers and I wish them the speediest of recoveries…

  2. Chris Commeret says:

    We, as well as all of our friends, have been thinking of and praying for all of them but especially for Sandy and Glen. I am sure God hears our prayers when I hear of the progress they are making. Keep the faith.


  3. kimcarter80 says:

    Thank you for starting this blog. I’m grateful to have Glen & Sandra in my life and was so saddened by this news. I am so relieved by the wonderful news yesterday and was finally able to rest knowing that Sandra and Glen were on their way to recovery. Thank you to all of the friends and family that are keeping us in the loop.

    Kim & Kendall

  4. M for Short says:

    Prayers are consistently coming your way. May Sandra and Glen continue making progress every single day so that they will make it home for their beautiful children, and that all family members have patience and keep the faith during the long road to recovery.
    -Jim and Samantha’s neighbor

  5. Patrick Vernon says:

    Keep the good news coming! I’ve been following along on facebook and am anxious to see continued good news on the blog. Let me know if the family needs anything (678-522-4029).

  6. Judy says:

    My thoughts are with you all, and I’m sending constant healing energies your way, and hugs for the children.

  7. Michaele Quesnel says:

    Thank you for creating this blog during such a difficult time. My husband, Eric is Glen’s former work colleague and friend at Infinity Insurance. We were at Glen and Sandra’s wedding and our daughter was born the same month as Cameron. I am a stay at home mom here in the Atlanta area. Please let me know if I can help in any way at all. I will continue to pray. God bless you all!

  8. Jennifer JOhnson says:

    Praying for the Walkers. Please keep us posted.

  9. loribowen says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share more info about Sandra and Glen’s recovery process. They are clearly so loved, and this will be a great way for us to all stay connected to their battle. My husband, Frank and I are praying fervently and will continue to do so. God is obviously hearing our prayers and answering them with a firm YES! Praise Him! Please give Sandra and Glen all my love. -Lori Bowen

  10. Trisha Connor says:

    I have known Glen since “back in the day”…aka middle school. I appreciate this blog, as I have been stalking his facebook page constantly since Saturday trying to keep up to date. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Sandra, but I can only imagine the awesome wife and mother she must be if she and Glen ended up together. Thank you for keeping us informed. I am praying constantly!

  11. Lynn Setsma says:

    Doug & Cindy, just want you to know you and your family are in our prayers. We love your family and always felt close to Sandy. We are so sorry about the accident and pray that all will be well soon. Thanks for the updates.

    Much love,
    Lynn Setsma

  12. Thank you so much for keeping all of the people who know Glen and/or Sandra and the children updated. As if the family doesn’t have enough to think about, the time you take to notify all of us is greatly appreciated.

    I’m a former co-worker of Glen’s from Infinity and we’ve always kept in good contact, I was so saddened to learn of this on Sunday morning. I know that Glen is a fighter though and he will get through this, his faith and his fight will help him through.

    I’m so glad to hear of the positive changes in both he and Sandra, and glad the outpouring continues…The power of prayer is a definite!

    My prayers continue…


  13. Jennifer Mabee says:

    You and your family are all in our prayers. Thank you, family, for blogging and keeping us updated on what’s happening.
    I’m certain this chain of prayer warriors is far reaching, which is a testament to both the love and grace of the mighty Lord we serve, and to the kindness Sandra and Glen share with so many. Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow, that they are strong and ready to fight for recovery.
    I was at the Walmart on Flat Shoals and Old National that day as the Life Flight helicopters and emergency vehicles were steadily arriving to tend to those (Sandra and Glen and others) injured that day. There was no way for me to know, as I stood in the midst of strangers praying in that parking lot for whatever the very serious situation may be, that it was for such familiar souls. Know that you were all covered in prayers from very early on, and it has only increased and strengthed as the days pass.
    Surely God has a wonderful plan and is obviously not finished with either of you yet!
    Praying each day for quick and complete healing.

    Jennifer Mabee and Craig Dallas

  14. Jenn Dove says:

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date so we can pray for Glen & Sandra’s specific needs as they arise. I am a friend of Glen’s – we worked together at Infinity, and have kept in touch since then as well. He & Sandra are continually in our prayers, and we have MANY others praying for them as well. We are praising God for the progress so far, and continuing to ask for complete healing for both of them.

    Jennifer Dove

  15. Christnie Mckenzie says:

    Glen and Sandra-
    I have been glued to the updates- stay strong and keep fighting and healing. It is a testament to your character how many people care about you and are following your progress. Two good people and parents you are. Wishing you well and thinking of you daily!
    Christine (Elefante) Mckenzie and Family- High School/College friend of Glen

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