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Miracles and Blessings

on November 9, 2011

As you can gather from Michelle and Margot’s story, it has been a horrible emotional roller-coaster. I just wanted to point out some of the miracles and blessings we have had just to make it this far, and show you all how much your prayers and support has helped.

The first thing that I want to point out is that we have been blessed with the chance for them to even make it through this type of head on crash. An officer (brother of one of Glen’s friends) who is working on the crash recreation and investigation, came by told us some of the details that they had so far on the crash. He said that there might’ve been a little embellishment by the news, but the driver behind the black van did lose some control and veered across the median into Glen and family. He said the estimated speed of the black van was around 50-60 mph, and that it was a pretty big crash scene. Amazingly, out of all of the 9 people in both cars, 1 teenager was killed, 5 kids taken to the hospital, 3 in critical condition (our two, Cameron and Alana were the only ones not in critical condition and only had a scratch or two), and 3 people life flighted, 2 to Grady (Sandra and the other Driver), and Glen sent to Atlanta Medical Center.

Since I have been with Glen at AMC, seeing first hand some of the miracles at work is amazing. Glen was sent here because he was a bit more difficult to get out off the car, but that really was a blessing in disguise. It turns out that there are a lot of people here that Glen or our family has a connection to at some point in life and has kept a keen eye on everything that has been done to help him make it through this. Ranging from Glen’s childhood friend who knows trauma surgeons in this hospital; to a friend, that Glen met a few weeks ago from his basketball team, whose father is a Neurosurgeon in the hospital.

One of the best trauma surgeons just happened to be on-call when Glen came in, and even some of his injuries have helped him make it through some of the first few hours. He had a lot of injuries, but it turns out that one of them might’ve saved his life. As bad as it sounds, his fractured skull helped ease the pressure his brain normally would’ve caused. The next day, the timing of his ct scan showed a blood clot on the brain, that would’ve caused serious damage if it wasn’t done at that specific time.

Some of the resources at AMC Glen has been provided, are top-notch and he is basically being watched from the Executives down, thanks to Glen’s cousin Dwayne’s college friend, who happens to work side by side with the COO, CFO, and Chief HR Officer. One of the ICU nurses (I am calling her my hospital mom), went to school with my mother and is good friends with my Aunt and Uncle. One of my friend’s is a Orthopedic Nurse and made sure that one of the best surgeon’s in the hospital is over-looking every thing done with future bone surgeries.

Being in the ICU area for the past few days, I have seen many people in pain, sadness, heart-break and misery, but nothing helps ease that pain more than friends and family. Friends and family have come or will be coming from far and wide to give their support and prayers. We have been lucky enough to have such important people to lean on and make sure that we don’t break.

I just wanted to post this to let you all know from my point of view, just a few examples of how your prayers and support have had such a huge impact Glen survival. He is not out of the woods yet and we need to continue to keep this going. Those prayers a being answered and we all truly blessed to have you as a part of our lives in such a difficult time.

Michael Walker

(This is my first blog, so be easy on my possible bad grammar)

7 responses to “Miracles and Blessings

  1. stacy taylor says:

    Michael –
    Thank you to you and your family for keeping all of us up to date with both Glen and Sandra’s progress. You guys have been amazing. I do not personally know Sandra but I do know your brother from High School. I know how great of a person he is, so I can only assume his wife is the same way! Just know I am praying for ALL of you. Stay Strong Glen and keep fighting my friend.

  2. Brooke Riback says:

    Mike –

    Thank you so much, to you, Michelle, and the rest of your family, for keeping us updated. I know that I’ve only known y’all for a few years, but from the second I learned of Glen and Sandra’s accident, I’ve been rittled with worry (and of course sending prayers, positive thoughts, and love, incessantly!). You don’t have to know Glen and Sandra well to see that the love they have for one another is palpable, and the commitment and adoration they have for their children is unwavering. It doesn’t seem by chance that they are continuing to make such miraculous progress – all the goodness they have shown has returned to them in the power of prayer by all the many people who have come to know them. I know the road ahead towards healing may be a long one, but I know they will get there.

    Continuing to keep Glen, Sandra, and the whole Walker family in my thoughts and prayers,


  3. Jenn Black says:


    I can’t even imagine what you have been going through with this but I do know think the strength you have exhibited is something that Glen has been able to draw on to be able to fight his injuries. He and Sandra are continually in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. You already know that Derek and I love you guys but it’s something that cannot be said enough.

    On a side note, I think you did very well with your first blog post!

  4. Sam Seifer says:

    Hi Mike,

    I don’t even know where to start. This all seems so crushing as I never thought it possible – I was sure we were all invincible (especially Glen). As soon as I learned of the accident, I have been overwhelmed with worry for the whole Walker family. I want to thank you and your family for keeping us all up to date with both Glen and Sandra’s progress. The continued progress updates have been amazing and comforting. Know I am and will continue to send hourly prayers as all of my thoughts are with your family.

    Love, Sam

  5. Lisa says:


    I think Michelle is absolutely correct when she said you are a rock. I can completely see it and Glen and Sandra are so lucky to have you as a brother and vice versa. I know you feel the love and support from all of us, but you have to know that it is amplified by 100. I am sorry I have been unable to be there for you, glen and Sandra, and the families but please know that I think about you all every minute every day. My body does not stop praying even when my mind is on something else. I can physically feel it. Keep staying strong and if you ever need someone please know that you have myself and countless others to lean on. Much love, my good friend!!!

    Lisa Perron

  6. Chris Taylor says:

    Mike –

    I’ve been amazed at some of the paths that have crossed through these circumstances. Thanks for sharing the stories and letting us walk through the storm with you and your family. We will continue to pray for Glen, Sandra and the kids as we look forward to progress for Glen and his lungs, specifically. God is good and I am thankful that He has Glen in His hands.


  7. Katie (Shaffer) Caron says:

    Michael (you’ll always be Michael to me),

    I wake up every morning with your brother and his beautiful family on my mind, and only hope for the very best for all.

    Just one thing, don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. They need you.

    Sending you loads of love and strength.

    Your first grade teacher, Katie (Shaffer) Caron

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