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on November 9, 2011

“It is a rough road that leads to the path of greatness.”

~ Seneca

I met Sandy one fall morning a year ago. I showed up at her school to start my Kindergarten internship. The teacher I was assigned to work with had recently quit, so the school paired me up with Sandy. I was told “She is one of our best teachers, you will love her.”

She really is, and I really do.

Last year was a very trying time for Sandy. She often apologized for not giving me the ideal student internship experience. I always laughed and told her that she gave me the perfect experience! I was very sad to say goodbye to her classroom and we promised to keep in touch. A year later and we’ve both lived up to that promise.

Sandy inspires me, both as a mother and as a teacher. I have requested her for my student teaching in January and today I told her that I fully expect her to be there! I have the highest of hopes for a speedy and 100% recovery for Mrs. Walker and I will be cheering her along every part of the way.

As for Glen, I’ve only met him once. But boy do I feel like I know him. Sandy and I spent many hours talking about our lives and we were amazed at how similar some parts of our paths had been. You can just feel the love radiate off her when she talks about “Mr. Walker.” I was and still am impressed at how happy their marriage is. How they are best friends, not just husband and wife. I was greatly saddened when I heard about Glen’s injuries, but he’s a strong man. He loves his children, and he loves his wife. I truly believe that these two will go far, and that years from now everyone will look back on this and nod in amazement. Amazement at the power of love, the power of prayer, and the power of friendship that surrounds this couple.

Thank you for letting me visit today. Sandy looks so good. She said my name and smiled big when I told her I’m days away from finding out about the results of my big certification test. She has always cheered me on, she has always had a gorgeous smile for me, and she has always treated me with love and respect.

Hang in there pretty lady, you two will be just fine!

With love,

Sarah Kiesche
Georgia State University
Early Childhood Education
Class of 2012

2 responses to “Paths

  1. Carrie Staib says:

    You are so sweet. I am glad you were able to see her today! She thinks the world of you and everything you said in that post is so absolutely true!!

  2. Pamela Coan says:

    A great post!

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