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The power of friends

on November 9, 2011

Crisis tends to isolate and crystallize our thoughts sometimes. I have been made so aware of the healing power of friends, family and prayer.

It is often said that the measure of a person can be found in the kind of friends they keep. Sandra and Glen must be very good people then.

I can’t help but be struck by not only the sheer number of friends that Sandra and Glen have, but the quality and depth of character of those friends. Not only have so many friends been there to visit (some come everyday), but their acts of generosity and kindness are almost overwhelming. They have given serious thought to what the family might need and have responded with food, clothing and acts of service.

I hope those friends realize how important their presence has been to the families. It gets us by each day and only leaves a little time alone each night to have to think about the reality of the situation. Family is family and you know they’ll always be there but it is the friends that have made all the difference.



6 responses to “The power of friends

  1. Lynn Setsma says:

    I am not surprised as you raised a beautiful woman who married a wonderful man. God has sent all these friends to be his presence among you. Treasure each moment and know that many friends are there in spirit also. Much love to all of you.

  2. Jody Davis says:

    I do not know Glen or Sandra personally, but I also attend 12Stone and I am on the BrewTeam the same as Glen, I received the message from church to be praying for this family as their need was great, and of course lifting all the praise to God that Alana and Cameron are basically without harm.

    I will be vigilantly lifting Glen and Sandra and all the family and friends of this couple up!

  3. Lauren Godfrey says:

    I met Sandra, Glen and the kids through Meghan Gilbreath and just wanted to say thanks for the updates and that Sandra and Glen are in my daily prayers.

  4. Brooke Treadwell says:

    Sandra is a coworker of mine and I feel blessed to also be able to call her a friend. I’ve only met Glen a few times, but I know what a great man he is. They are such amazing parents and friends. Knowing that they are so strong in their faith truly helps provide comfort during this difficult time. I am so encouraged by the progress they have made so far and know that God is at work on both of them. I am confident that they will both make a full recovery. I will continue to pray diligently for them and for all of you as you are waiting for continued good news!

  5. Cynthia Miller Launay-Fallasse says:

    Thank you so much for putting this website together. Glen was one of my best friends at Norcross and even though we are not regularly in touch I still feel like he is one of my best friends! Crazy… but high school relationships will be with me forever. Our old gang has been actively praying for Glen and we have been calling each other regularly for updates. When I heard of his accident, I put him on our school prayer list (I work at a Catholic High School) and our entire student body prays for him during our morning prayer. PLEASE let us know how we can help. Also, please pass along my love and support to him and tell him I would love to see him and his beautiful family when he heals. Love, Cynthia Miller

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