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navigating through the life that was and moving into the life that is

Tuesday PM

on November 9, 2011

Sandra continues to show improvement. She recognizes family and friends that have stopped by to visit. She needs to be prodded slightly for this and for answers to other basic questions, but at least she knows the answers. She has not asked questions of her own as of yet.

She is in quite a bit of pain and is still receiving morphine on a regular basis to control it. She needs to have her hands restrained periodically to keep from removing catheter or bandages or bedclothes.

Other than that, we are elated at the progress she has made in the last 48 hours. She looks good and color is returning to her face. Every day shows that her powers of recognition and understanding are getting stronger.

We can’t begin to thank you all enough for your thoughtful comments and actions. They are so comforting and encouraging.


One response to “Tuesday PM

  1. Char Firlik says:

    Hi Doug and Cindy, thanks for the updates. All of you are in our thoughts. Continue to have hope. Be reminded of Gabbie Gifford’s and Bob Woodward’s stories. While they had long journeys, they recovered. Hugs to Sandy when she is ready for them. Love, Jeri and Char

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