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on November 9, 2011

I’m not sure if we have mentioned this, but Sandra and Glen are at different hospitals. Sandra is at Grady Memorial and Glen is at Atlanta Medical Center. The two hospitals are only about a mile and half apart. They wound up apart due to logistical criteria. Atlanta Medical has a heliport and Glen was flown there while Sandra was transported by ambulance to Grady. The kids wound up at Egleston Children’s hospital and were released almost immediately.

We have been trying to report on Sandra’s progress from Grady. Cindy, Margot, Tom and I are here most of each day.

Michelle and Michael are at AMC with Glen and will be reporting from there.

We visited Glen today and can report that he has been moved to a special bed that rotates him.  This is to help with his breathing .  He lost a little ground with that since yesterday, and the doctors want to improve his lung function before attempting surgery to repair his broken femur, kneecap, and ankle on the left.  He also has a broken right wrist.  He remains on a vent and is still listed as being in critical condition.



2 responses to “Update

  1. Tonia Markos-Drysdale says:

    Just curious about Sandra’s injuries….does she have any breaks? I understand she has the head injuries. We are praying for her and Glen, she will be sorely missed in the choir. I will continue praying.

  2. Renee Bello says:

    *Praying for the speedy recovery* They’re both lucky to have awesome family members and friends to rally around them.

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