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The Importance of Community

on November 10, 2011

It has been amazing to see the response of the community of friends of the Meeker and the Walker families and friends. Through Facebook and Twitter, to this website, and through emails they have all pulled together. As the word spreads, and it is spreading fast, people from around the country are responding. Having just posted the email address this morning, I am amazed at the number of email responses that I have already received from people wanting to help. The articles in the local papers and the TV coverage locally have continued to let loved ones know what it is going on.

Last night I recorded my weekly podcast, Waves of Tech. We have a weekly listener-ship of several thousand. The show was posted today and I look forward to hearing from our listeners, as well. The segment on Sandra and Glen starts at about 22:00 minutes into the podcast. You can watch the video online or download the audio version to listen to.

EDITED: This morning, the Gwinnett Daily Post ran this article.

Community lending support to Injured couple

DULUTH — The community is rallying behind a family that was involved in a serious auto wreck on Saturday.

Sandra and Glen Walker both remain hospitalized with brain injuries following a two-vehicle wreck that occurred Saturday afternoon in South Fulton County.

Sandra, a kindergarten teacher at Chesney Elementary in Duluth, has improved somewhat since the auto collision, but her husband remains unresponsive according to the family.

The Walker family was involved in a head-on collision when their van and another vehicle collided.

A passenger in the other vehicle died in the incident.

Cpl. Kay Lester with the Fulton County Police Department said no charges had been filed and that the “investigation was ongoing.”

Sandra’s uncle, Jim Meeker, is currently caring for the couple’s children, Cameron, 2, and Alana, 6, who were uninjured in the collision.

Meeker said the family was on the way to watch Sandra run a 10K race when the wreck occurred.

Meeker said the community support since the incident has been “incredible.”

“They’ve been unbelievably helpful,” Meeker said. “At her school they are putting forth efforts to make sure everything’s going to be taken care of for them when they’re able to get out of the hospital.”

Meeker said Sandra has been a teacher at Chesney Elementary for about four years.

Sandra has been recovering at Grady Hospital, while Glen is at Atlanta Medical Center.

Meeker said plans were in place to move Sandra to Atlanta Medical as well so that the couple might recover together.

Those wishing to help the family with donations can e-mail

For more information and updates about the couple’s condition, visit

The community involvement continues to grow.

Thank you and God’s Blessings on everyone that has opened up their hearts for Sandra, Glen, Alana, and Cameron.

-Jim Meeker


One response to “The Importance of Community

  1. Stacey Wrisley says:

    It just goes to show that when one or more family member is hurting that we all bond together. I’ve been trying to help from day one by asking for prayers from my FB friends and posting updates on Glen and Sandra’s recovery. If I lived closer I’d be visiting the hospital and trying to comfort others. This has been tough on all of us. I continue to pray.

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