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“I just want to see your face.”

on November 11, 2011

I didn’t get to see Sandra yesterday – a first, since the accident – because Alana and Cameron are sick.  They both have bad coughs and congestion.  Today’s job for me is to try and figure out who their pediatrician is.  Amazing the things we don’t know about Sandra and Glen’s life.  Each one of those things, as it arises, hits me hard with the knowledge that the kids are missing both parents right now.

Last night, Cameron was in my room in the pack ‘n’ play, while Alana slept with me.  At about 2:00 this morning, as I slept with my back to Alana, I felt a gentle tapping on my shoulder.  When I asked her what she needed, she replied, “I just want to see your face.”  I think the face she truly wants to see is Sandra’s, and I hope we can make that happen soon.

She sits beside me now making a beautiful card for Sandra, while Cameron rests on the couch watching Toy Story 3.  We are all there for them; we just can’t replace Sandra and Glen.  Keep those prayers coming.  Thank you, friends and family!


12 responses to ““I just want to see your face.”

  1. Jennifer JOhnson says:

    Awww. Those poor kids. I hope they feel better soon. If Cameron is going to continue sleeping in a pack n play you may want to get him a mattress for it. My son is 2 and I know he sleeps better in the pack n play when I have the mattress for him. Here is a link to what I am specifically talking about on

    Good luck finding the pediatrician. For what it’s worth most pediatricians don’t do much for a cold and cough and only tell you to come in if they’ve been coughing for 3 weeks.

  2. Char Firlik says:

    Margot, Sandy has always loved you deeply and now you can transfer that love to the kids. They both are healing Subconsciously knowing their children are well cared for and loved. hugs to you. Char and Jeri

  3. Tina Martin says:

    I think we have their pediatrician’s information on file at Kids R Kids. I go in at 10. I can look and see what information we have if that helps. You can call me at Kids R Kids and I can let you know 🙂

  4. Tonia says:

    I wonder, maybe find someone or a couple people with web cams? Then they can talk to each other if Sandra is up to it?? And see each other, I know that Alana just needs to see her Mother’s beautiful smile, and I am sure she just can’t understand why this is all going on. Have you thought about counseling for her….you may want to check with the school. I wish I could get there to see Sandra & Glen, PLEASE send my love to them. Sandra is a beautiful young woman. I dedicate O2(tonight) and Sunday, from my heart to her & Glen, I pray that they heal well & fast in God’s grace.
    As far as the DR. goes check with the schools, they should have on record who the kids Drs are, I know I have always had to answer that question, on the paperwork.

    • sandraglen says:

      Thank you, Tonia! You are right on the money. Tina at Cameron’s school is all over it. Any ideas how I can figure out where Alana was in dance class? 🙂

      • Tonia says:

        Maybe ask Alana, she may be able to tell you, or maybe tell you a friend that has the same class…..I know its a lot, I wish I was more help. It or should I say this will make all of us think, “what if”. GIve us ALL the incentive to have an “emergency plan” just in case.

  5. Marcia Swiss says:

    Dear Glen and Sandra, we are very close friends of Mimi and Scott Joling, who are lifelong friends of Doug and Cindy (Sandra’s parents) They told us of your terrible accident during this past weekend and we have been praying for you all ever since. We will keep praying and trusting for every need of your wonderful family.
    Bless you,
    Doug and Marcia Swiss

  6. Amy McWlliams says:

    Dear Family,

    I am a grade school friend of Glen’s and I wanted to see if I could get on the meal train website to bring a meal to the family. I am a mother of two girls, 6 and 4 and would love to offer any support and supplies needed. I don’t know if clothes is needed, etc. I also am a licensed social worker and have experience with little ones and trauma. So I say this to say, I wanted to offer any resources I have to support the family in addition to consistent prayer.

    • sandraglen says:

      Thank you so much, Amy. Alana and Cameron are both doing well processing the accident, so far. Much remains to be seen. My goal for the weekend is to get them healthy. I will reach out when I can.

  7. Dee Bigelow says:

    Margot – what a wonderful stand-in you are. How wonderful that the kids feel close enough to you to say “I just want to see your face”. My heart goes out to all of you.Pleae know our prayers are there with you. Al & I really appreciate the updates via the blog and Tom’s comments on facebook. I’m not a real facebook afficionado, but am making an effort to read every scrap I can. But this one just brought tears to my eyes. Hopefully, soon, both kids can see Sandra & Glen’s face. Enough crying! Happy thoughts please & prayers. Love you all so much. Dee & Al

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