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11:00 PM

on November 12, 2011

Sandra had a great day! She had to work hard with her therapists but she was also more lucid than she has been. It’s the first day she actually recognized me. That’s been difficult. I was walking by her therapy room and she spotted me and called me in. I leaned close and said “I love you” and she replied, “I love you too…but I don’t love this” referring to her therapy. Not only was I thrilled that we connected but I saw a little of the feisty Sandy too. Good stuff.

She had many visitors and knew who everyone was. She cracked jokes and was actually very funny. She seems to have a period every day where she tires and gets agitated with the pain and discomfort, but it is more than offset with the progress that she has made.

Glen’s condition improved some today in regards to the overall swelling of his body. You can hardly see much of him in that contraption, but his legs, back, arms and face have been very swollen. He is on paralytics to keep him immobile so we are glad that the swelling has gone done mostly on it’s own.


One response to “11:00 PM

  1. Char Firlik says:

    “I love you” what a wonderful gift to share with your daughter. Good news that Sandy’s sense of humor is returning. Hugs to Cindy and you, love, Jeri and Char

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