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Another day of therapy

on November 12, 2011

I just came back from seeing Sandra and making a couple airport trips.  Cousin Dena has arrived – yea!  Aunt Cathy has departed – boo hoo.  Doug and I got to the hospital while Sandra was in occupational therapy (OT), but as we walked past the door and realized it was Sandra in the wheelchair, we asked if we could come in for a quick hello.  I haven’t seen her in two days, so my patience was running thin.  It was great to see her smile.  As usual, lots of folks were already dropping by, and I was happy to get those hugs from Michael and Michelle and from Drew and Meghan.

I spent some time with Sandra during a particularly lucid period.  She was funny – sometimes intentionally, sometimes not so intentional.  With therapy and time, she is beginning to put the pieces back together again.  She can be easily confused – e.g. “I haven’t seen my daddy or brother.”  What she really meant was  husband or son.  Some things make no sense at all, like some talk of zones in Japan, but she recognizes every single person who comes to visit.

Nettie surprised us all when she called to say they had arrived from Nashville (we never knew they were coming!).  This time, she brought the younger boys.  They all went to my house, where Tom was playing nursemaid and spent some time with Alana and Cameron.  I know the kids really enjoyed it.  Both are napping now.

Tomorrow is Sandra’s 30th birthday.  She had wanted to get a cabin and have a party up in the mountains.  A lot of people were unable to attend, and I know she was really disappointed, so the plan was changed to party Saturday night.  There is no party tonight, as previously planned.  The party tomorrow will likely not really even include her – at least physically.  I know, though, that when she hears and sees (we will do a video) all the people who came to celebrate her and her 30th birthday, she will be filled with the gratitude we are all filled with now.

Happy Birthday, Sandra.  I love you so much.

Aunt Margot

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