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10:30 PM

on November 13, 2011

Sandra had a very nice birthday!

After being reunited with her children around noon, the guests started arriving at about 1:00. There were probably between 40-50 friends and family throughout the afternoon. Everyone who wanted to see Sandra got a chance to visit. She was thrilled to see everyone and knew exactly who they were.

Thank you to everyone who left Sandra a birthday wish on the blog! Again, she will see every one of them!

She still is not clear on why she is there and does not like it. Everyday around 6:30 she reaches a low point where the pain gets to be too much and she gets easily agitated with everything. She is uncomfortable since she hurts just about everywhere.  Because she is on a liquid diet, she needs to go to the bathroom frequently which requires nurse help. And they never come quick enough to suit her. But once she gets her evening meds around 8:30 she does much better and can sleep.

All in all, she continues to improve daily at a rate which surprises even the doctors and nurses.

Glen is stable and we are guardedly optimistic. I think they might be able to operate on the broken bones in a day or two. His breathing continues to improve and once he reaches and maintains a certain level, it will be a go.


3 responses to “10:30 PM

  1. staci says:

    Thanks so much for the updates Doug! Sandy is so blessed to have such absolutely incredible patents – I’ve thought that since sandy and I first became friends and she talked about your relationship and I’ve witnessed it myself! Remind Cindy to take care of herself. I love you both! Love to aunt margot as well!

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks for the updates. Glad Sandra was able to see her beautiful Alana and Cameron on her birthday!!! What a gift!!! As always, she and Glen and the kids are in my prayers everyday. I missed them at church yesterday and got a little emotional when a certain song played. It was weird – it just got to me because of the words in the song and I just started thinking about how God can and WILL heal them both, as He has already shown us so far. Please keep the updates coming. Thanks!!

    ~Kristen Dudley ;o)

  3. Char Firlik says:

    So glad the day was special for Sandy. Seeing the photos of she and the kids was such a treat. Those beautiful smiles reinforce that the bond of love is deep. We will keep Glenn and his care team in out thoughts. Medical science knows so much more about how to help the brain heal. Keep believing that ‘rest’ is what Sandy and Glenn need as they move towards the hard work of rehabilitation. Hugs to all! J & C

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