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Thank you for your support!

on November 14, 2011

SandraGlen has over 20,000 views!

As you can see from the stats to the right, Sandra and Glen’s blog went over the 20,000 views mark! That’s a lot of people checking in a lot of times. They will be so pleased to know how concerned their families and friends were!

We hope to have some good news on both of them this afternoon. Please stop back.


6 responses to “Thank you for your support!

  1. Amy McEathron says:

    I am from NY one of Aunt Cathies friends and I have to say you are all doing such an awesome job at this very hard time. I can tell you I look at this everyday sometimes more than once. I feel like I know all of you and I don’t but I know how Aunt Cathie is and this is so special to have this blog. I have been praying for the entire family and I know this is going to be a long hall, but they are very strong and with all the family and friends support it will be alot easier. God Bless you all. From Amy in Carthage, NY

  2. My husband (Josh Judd) grew up next door to the Walkers and considers them family. When I married him, the Walkers became family to me as well.

    We live in Indianapolis now and my family lives in Tulsa Oklahoma. When I told my family and friends about Glen and Sandra they asked what they could do. I forwarded every update and blog post to them and they have been praying their hearts out and asking all of their friends to do the same. My mom calls or emails every morning to get an update! Glen and Sandra have touched the lives of people that they have never met and inspired them to take action in their lives and appreciate every moment. I know that they have done that for me.

    I look forward to the day that we can visit Atlanta and go out on a double date with Glen and Sandy, but until then I will continue to check the blog every day and keep in touch with this incredible network of love and support and contribute to it in every way I know how to.

  3. arlie and justin cooper says:

    Praising God for all of their improvements, and we continue to pray for Sandra, Glen, and your entire family. Stay strong and keep healing!

  4. Charissa Pal says:

    I am so happy to have met Sandra and Glen through my friends Anna-Lisa Evans and Valerie Fender. I recently met Sandra this past June during Glen’s birthday celebration in Miami – a Michael Jackson themed birthday no less. 😉 They are both a beautiful and totally in love couple and I know that their love and strength will get them through this journey as they continue to recover. I have been reading the blog daily since I found out about the accident and I pray and think about them, the family and all the friends who are pouring in to show their love and support. I send my sincere prayers and support from across the miles. Stay strong!
    Charissa Almonte Pal

  5. Jina Hwang says:

    I don’t know the family personally but I have seen them many times at the dance studio where my daughters attend along with their daughter, Alana. I would just like to let the family know that they are in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. Stay strong and positive!

    Jina Hwang

  6. Barb sawyer -Pitkin says:

    Extending continued prayers to the Meeker and Walker families…..sending positive energy your way …the love surrounding this couple speaks volumes… just amazed at how many lives are touched in an ordeal as this! May we never take any of our friends or family members for granted and keep giving to those in need..Sandra and Glen are blessed to have you all in their lives and so important to their recovery….fondly, The Pitkins in California

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