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The children are covered – literally!

on November 16, 2011

Yesterday, Chesney Elementary (Sandra’s school) sent a large box of clothing for the children.  This included brand new winter coats and every type of clothing imaginable for both Alana and Cameron.  Samantha has purchased socks and underwear with the gift cards they received.  The kids now have all they need to be well dressed for the season! (Barring an intestinal emergency, I think that we are covered in diapers for Cameron, as well.)  Meals continue to come – whoever brought the cheesy chicken noodle casserole made a huge hit with every one of the children at the Meeker house!!(That would be Ms. Dore, at Peachtree)  Jim and Samantha have their needs met and ask that any further donations be WalMart, Kroger or Target cards to purchase the perishable foods they go through so quickly – milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.  We are all so grateful for the kindness so many people have shown.  (It has been UNBELIEVABLE. The thing that blows me away is that it is friends of friends of neighbors that know Sandy’s cousin that are getting involved, as well as the closer connections.) Thank you.

Aunt Margot

with notes from Uncle Jim 🙂

2 responses to “The children are covered – literally!

  1. Ginger Raymond says:

    Can you confirm where gift cards should be sent? Thanks! Ginger

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