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Sunday – 9:00 PM

on November 20, 2011

Normally, Sandra would not have therapy on Sunday but she did today as she will not on Thanksgiving. They work her pretty hard, which is good. She’s doing very well and is a solid 5 on the R.L.A.S. That’s very encouraging. She had quite a few visitors and handled that very well. We were able to take the kids to see mom again today.

Glen will have a CT scan tomorrow at 10 AM and we hope to learn more about his condition from the scan. His vital signs are good and we pray for a positive result from his scan.


6 responses to “Sunday – 9:00 PM

  1. Ann Mione Purser says:

    I just got the report from my brother and Pam’s visit up to Atlanta. Word is…. You are ALL a bunch of super-human, kind, amazing people. I know how lucky Sandra and Glen are that YOU ALL are their family and friends. God bless. I am lucky to be even distantly related to you. Thank you so much for this blog… It’s the first thing my mom and I check each morning and the last each night.

  2. Char Firlik says:

    Thanks Doug. We really appreciate your updates and are holding good thoughts for Glen. love, J&C

  3. Courtney Young says:

    So glad to hear that Sandra is doing so well 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping for some REALLY good news about Glen tomorrow!!

  4. stefoni says:

    That is great to hear. She’s doing good. That’s great. They will always be in my prayers. I hope everything goes well tomorrow for Glen.

  5. Todd and Linda Martinez says:

    We have been keeping up with all of the posts on this blog and elsewhere, while tonight was the first time we saw Sandra and Glen. Sandra looks amazing, so much so that if you didn’t know what she had been through, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Sandra’s mom Cindy is amazing, two very strong women with loving hearts.
    Glen’s situation is quite different as described in the prior post. Michael, Michelle, and Glen’s parents exude the same loving warmth and quiet strength that Glen has always shown us all. God bless all of you and our prayers for Glen are stronger than ever now. What an amazing human being and amazing family.

  6. Trisha Connor says:

    Forgive me, I am struggling to find the orignal post I had responded to about help for Alana and Cameron in dealing with the emotions of all of this. I spoke with a dear friend of mine who is a counselor for young children, and who I would trust with my life and the life of my child. Here is some of the info she provided me about play therapy and other needs for the kids emotionally…my prayers are with you all. Please let me know if there is anything I can do!

    Trisha Connor
    770 367 6884

    Hey Trisha,
    Here is some info for you. The first link is a friend of mine that I went to West Ga. with that is WONDERFUL! I have left him a message and here is his website.

    His practice is in the Lawrenceville area. Not sure if they think she would do better with a female or what so here are a couple of others that I found that do play therapy in the Duluth area.

    Susan B Jung MEd, EdS, LPC
    Counselor Play Therapy
    “At Winning Strides I use proven techniques designed to help your child or teen be more confident, use creative thinking, be more responsible, overcome fears, make thoughtful decisions, solve problems, communicate effectively, and succeed in school and in life. Children …”

    Office is near:
    Duluth, Georgia30096
    (678) 568-2484

    Shelly W Cordsen MA, LPC
    Counselor Play Therapy
    “As I journey with people, I truly believe that we were created to be in relationship with one another and most importantly with our creator God. With that in mind, my counseling style incorporates a holistic perspective that encompasses not …”

    Office is near:
    Duluth, Georgia30096
    (678) 590-2954

    Here is the link where I found those.

    I will check with Yaron and Tara next Monday when I can get in touch with them. Most of the counseling folks I know and am familiar with are in the Cobb area since that is where I have done my counseling training. I would say just encourage her to talk about it and play and remind her that whatever she is feeling is ok and normal and it’s ok to be sad scared, etc. Name the losses she’s suffered and acknowledge those no matter how small because she’s lost a lot even at this point. Let her write, draw, etc at this point and thank the Lord for her family because her aunt and uncle are giving her all the structure and routine they can and that stability will be important for her since she has no idea what’s going on with the rest of her life! Poor thing! PLEASE PLEASE let me know if they want or need anymore info just let me know.

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