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It’s all about family

on November 21, 2011

Hello everyone – Michelle’s father Kelly Mione respectfully submitting my first contribution to this blog, which is being so capably managed by my new friend Doug Meeker. I had a chance to meet Doug on Saturday – my wife Pam and I flew up from Clearwater to spend the weekend with Michelle and Mike, offering our support and love to two amazing youngsters. They, along with so many others, are carrying so much on their hearts.

While there we witnessed first-hand a truly moving outpouring of love and support for Glen and Sandra, and understand this has been ongoing since the day of the accident. There has been a nearly endless stream of visitors bringing hugs and well-wishes, cards, flowers and food, plus calls and prayers pouring in from everywhere.

Even the best medical care needs a little helping hand from family. Glen and Sandra’s family members have filled all the gaps, provided all the love and care and truly tireless devotion it takes to get through such an ordeal, and they have been right there every single day. I want to encourage you to rest tonight and every night knowing countless prayers continue without interruption, first for Glen and Sandra, and also for every one of you. We should all be so blessed to have so much love surrounding us in times of heartache.

God bless you.
Kelly and Pam Mione

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