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I miss Glen

on November 23, 2011

I admired Glen for many reasons. Most notably for the way he treated my daughter Sandra. He was always respectful, thoughtful and, above all, caring. It’s never easy stepping into a marriage and becoming an instant father, as Glen did with Alana. He immediately stepped up to the challenge and responsibility with his usual sense of commitment. Sure, Sandra had to guide him along some, but she already had parenting skills where Glen had to hit the ground running. He was as devoted to Alana’s well-being as he was to Sandra’s and I loved him all the more for this. When Cameron came along, Glen was the proudest papa you could imagine. As much as he loved Alana, he was thrilled to have a boy who he could one day throw a football with and indoctrinate into the UGA spirit. He was a wonderful father with a great sense of family. He comes from a wonderful family, so it’s no surprise, but he included our family just as they were his own. He treated my mom and dad, my siblings and every other member of my family just as he would treat his own family and they loved him for that.

I was also struck by how many friends he and Sandra had. Glen didn’t just have friends though, he had great friends. We liked everyone we had ever met. They also seemed to be caring, respectful and thoughtful people. This was no accident as he and Sandra both chose their friends carefully. I had no idea just how many friends they had until this tragedy. To think that this blog has been visited over 70,000 times tells how many people cared about them.

For those of you who admired Glen and wanted to be more like him…you don’t have to stop. He set the bar pretty high for the way anyone should live their life and we can all aspire to be more like him.

There is a hole in my heart and my life that will always be Glen and I miss him terribly.

-Doug Meeker

8 responses to “I miss Glen

  1. Jill Contarino says:

    I do not know Sandra or her family but it is obvious by the blogs,etc that they are a wondferful family and loved Glen so much.

    I have known Glen for over 10 yrs and have so many great memories of playing with and against him in flag football. We also both had an undying love of the GA Bulldogs Our conversations were always charasmatic and sometimes heated but all in good fun.

    I also had the pleasure of playing on teams with both Glen and Michael together. The brotherly love between them was magnifiient and Michael’s devotion and love for his big brother was always evident.

    I and all that knew Glen will never forget his amazing smile and upbeat spirit. I’m a better person for knowing him.

    I know Cameron will carry on his smile and spirit so I take solice in knowing his legacy will continue.

    • Bill and Joanne Meeker says:

      I am Doug’s father and I too miss Glen. After he Married Sandra, he asked if he could call me Grandpa because he did not have any living Grandfathers. He always called me Grandpa after that and I will neverforget him

  2. Jim Meeker says:

    We will all miss Glen so much. It seems so amazing how much of an impact he made in such a short time in our lives. When you listen to everyone, though, it is not so amazing at all. Glen had only to walk into a room and you were touched by him. When he would call me Uncle Jim it was so much more than just putting a title and name together. The way that he said it held a magic. There was a true touch of affection in his voice and it felt like those words really had a stronger meaning than you would ever think that two words could have.

    I listen to my music and podcasts on a Zune that Glen so graciously passed on to me in just another of Glen’s selfless acts. I already thought about Glen every day as I used it already, but now it has such a bittersweet connection.

    Glen took on the chores of instant fatherhood, something that I can certainly relate to. But Glen didn’t just take on Alana and Sandra. He took on the whole Meeker family, and all of their needs (and we can be a needy family). He was there for my parents when it was not always possible for me to be there. I can’t count the times that I would call them about something and they would say, “Don’t worry about it, Glen did it or was going to do it.” And he didn’t do it to earn InLaw Brownie Points. With Glen, it was just such an integral part of who he was. He was always there for all of us.

    As an InLaw, Glen and Samantha had a common bond that was very special. They could relate to each other about the difficulties of being caught between spouses, families, and self. Glen always wound up on the selfless end of decisions and supportive of anyone that might have “lost”. With Glen, you never lost. You always felt loved and that your feelings were considered.

    Jill, you are so correct when you say his smile and spirit live on in Cameron. When he is up to a little mischief, Cameron looks at you and smiles that smile that just fills you with the same good feelings that came from Glen’s smile. Glen exuded love, because he WAS loved and will ALWAYS be loved by everyone whose lives he has touched.

  3. Ramirez D Evans says:

    I have been fighting tears this morning. I am sad that this happened, especially during a time when family and friends get together for the holidays… and confused why the man upstairs decides to take someone so young, even though he never makes mistakes.

    I played flag football with and against Glen, and was reminded by an old teammate yesterday the very first game we played against Glen and Michael, and clearly remember them with the high socks, and the game when they put the beatdown on us that day. Soon after, we were talking and chatting, like we knew each other for a long time.

    Gonna miss him and the energy he brought to the table.

    Blessings and gentle thoughts to Michael, the entire Walker family and the many friends he’s touched!

  4. I can’t imagine the pain you’re all going through right now, and I have no comforting words to offer. All I know is that the little from what I’ve read about Glen here, he seemed to be a very wonderful person, and you are blessed to have had him as part of your life. That thought, of course, will not make your grief easier to carry. But I hope, in time, it will.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. DLO says:

    I also played flag football against Glen and his brother Mike. We have been on different teams for the last 10 years or so. It was great getting to know him over that time period and he was just fantastic to be around. We recently had a discussion about interracial marriages and how the rest of the world views children coming from a mixed background. He was a little ahead of me as he already has 2 children and I just recently got married, but it was a pleasure getting someone’s thoughts on the matter who had already been thru some of life’s issues. I didn’t realize that would be our last conversation, but it was just as good as all the others. He has been in my thoughts and prayers since the day of the accident and I can’t imagine what his family is going thru now. What a great person, what a great family man, and what a great friend. I’ll never forget him.

  6. Char Firlik says:

    It is with great sadness that we extend our sympathy to Sandy, the Walkers and the Meekers. A good man has left his beloved family and cherished friends far too soon in life’s journey. We knew Glen through stories from Doug and Cindy, who loved and appreciated him so much as a son-in-law, husband to Sandy and father for Alana and Cameron. The outpouring of support for the Walker and Meeker families is such a tribute to the generous and inclusive spirit Glen and Sandy extended to others. Jeri and Char

  7. Derek Carver says:

    I was extremely fortunate to call Glen Walker my friend. I’ll miss playing basketball and flag football with him, talking trash, our long talks about how and where we grew up, having another “old guy” around, hanging out with him, his admiration of my Taco Mac beer list and just being friends with him. It’s so hard to say goodbye but that’s what I had to do last night at the hospital. To see my friend Glen was so heart wrenching but slighlty comforting in giving me the opportunity to say goodbye face to face. I had the same feelings when I saw Sandra when I was able to give her a hug and offer my condolences. I was lucky enough to be one of the last ones to hang out with Glen the night before the accident on “Boy’s Night Out” in Alpharetta. We shared many many laughs, caught up and had lots of fun. That’s how i’ll always remember him, smiling, laughing, living life and being as happy as one could be. Our heartbreaking loss is Heaven’s gain! Until we meet again my friend….

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