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Three long weeks

on November 26, 2011

It has been three extremely long weeks since the accident. It has turned many lives upside down and inside out.

It has been inordinately difficult to deal with the extremes in our emotions. Too often we questioned ourselves whether it was alright to feel joy about Sandra when we felt so disconsolate about Glen. Or for us to feel elated about Sandra’s well-being when she was suffering with the news about Glen. In the end, whether it’s alright or not, you feel what you feel and try to express it appropriately. So we laughed when we could and cried when we had to. We let cooler and calmer heads prevail to handle the messy details so those whose hearts were breaking would not have to. We took turns playing those roles however.

The journey will be long but we now know what we must do even if we have to it grudgingly at times. Sandra will get better and eventually go home to put broken lives back together. We will be there for that. The healing process needs to happen for all of us, each with their own special reason to heal and their own way of going about it. Glen will be there in spirit to let us know it’s going to be alright, eventually.


5 responses to “Three long weeks

  1. Dave & Bev Kagan says:

    I realize this horrid experience has brought face to face with emotions that you previously never could have imagined. But did you always know that you had the capability to write with such passion, clarity and intelligence? Your loved ones are so fortunate to have the comfort of your sensitive words of wisdom.

  2. Willette Jones says:

    There is nothing wrong with feeling joy about the progress that Sandra has made and will continue to make. I don’t know her personally, but I feel joy in my heart when I read her progress reports. Each report once again proves that God is awesome and nothing is too hard for Him. Glen was an amazing person and the fact that Glen wanted Sandra to be his spouse speaks volumes about her. Although I am missing Glen and cried when I learned about his passing away, I have also smiled alot during the past few weeks when thinking about his smile, what a joy it was to be around him, and my days at Norcross High.

  3. Char Firlik says:

    With all you have experienced it seems like 3 years should have gone by. You are wise to encourage Sandy and others close to Glen to take small steps each day and periodically just lay back in a hammock where others can support you. The impact of this event from 3 weeks ago has traveled to so many people, causing each one of us to pause and hold close those who we cherish. Hugs, Jeri and Char

  4. Sona Barnes says:

    My heart is breaking as I know yours has for the loss of Glen—but the relief & joy as I read your beautiful words that bring so much comfort to all of us that are not there is beyond words. Thank you for sharing your pain. Hugs & Love, Sona and Doug

  5. Karen Schousen says:

    My heart continues to ache as I think of Glen not being around. He was the love of Sandy’s life and was loved and adored by Alana and Cameron. I am excited to meet Glen’s family. I feel like I know them through the blogs you have been writing. We are arriving into Atlanta on Friday and look forward to hugging both the Meeker and the Walker Families.
    Love, Karen and Steve

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