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Monday – 11 PM – Update on Sandra

on November 28, 2011

Sandra has blood clots in one of her legs that still pose a problem and give her quite a bit of swelling and pain. She had a filter installed while she was still at Grady Hospital to keep any clots from travelling to her lungs or brain. They will keep that in until she is well out of hospital. They have been unable to give her any kind of blood thinner (to reduce the clots) until they were sure that the 3 brain hemorrhages were gone, which they now are. If the clots were left untreated, they could actually become permanent along with a swollen leg. The doctors feel that they will be able to control, and eventually eliminate the clots. The deep wound on the back of her upper thigh is healing very well and she was able to be taken off of a portable machine that was constantly draining excess fluid from the wound. She had to drag the machine and tubing attached to the wound everywhere she went so she was elated to be free from that.

She has been walking without the walker up and down the hallway. Someone must walk with her and hold on to a safety belt around her waist. She was able to walk up and down a set of 4 steps during physical therapy so she is doing quite well.

She is extremely grateful to the “team” (as she calls it) of family and friends that have taken care of her children and her life while she has been unable to do so. We are too.

It will still be several weeks before she will be able to go home. She has to relearn many simple tasks and get stronger mentally, emotionally and physically before she can leave. Then we will continue her care at home for some time.

She will be able to attend Glen’s funeral and we are thankful for that.


One response to “Monday – 11 PM – Update on Sandra

  1. Kim Carter says:

    This is fantastic news. I’m so thankful that you post these daily so I can read about how well Sandra is doing. Thank you! Thank you!

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