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Sunday – 9:00 PM

on December 4, 2011

Today was almost like a regular day. There were still quite a few visitors at the house as many friends and family said goodbye to Sandra before they traveled back to their homes, but by the afternoon we found it pretty quiet.

We had our first real meal together as a family this evening. It was Sandra’s first time in a month to put the kids to bed on a school night…to read to them…pick out clothes for school tomorrow…sing with them. We are doing some of the physical aspects of these routines but she’s leading the parade.

Tomorrow the therapists will begin coming to Sandra’s home to continue her PT, OT and ST. She will eventually go to Shepherd Center, but they do not have any out-patient openings for several weeks yet. In the long run, the fact that they will come to her for a few weeks, might make it easier to get the children re-established in their school and daily routines.

We only hope that we can help ease the pain of doing it all without Glen.


2 responses to “Sunday – 9:00 PM

  1. Dave & Bev Kagan says:

    Your strength and focus continue to amaze. Thinking good thoughts from across the miles.
    Dave & Bev

  2. Beth Granger says:

    It’s great she will be getting help at Shepherd. That is the best rehab in Atlanta for brain injuries! I wish Sandra and all of you the best as she continues her journey of healing.

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