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My First Charity Event for Glen, Representing the Game Glen Played First

on December 5, 2011

A good friend of Glen, Ryan Carter, has been participated in this event in the past, and was able to talk to the organizers to include Sandra and the kids, as one of the families receiving donations.  I will now also be playing/embarrassing myself in the tournament this Saturday, December 10 at the Atlanta Silverbacks Stadium.  The donations go directly to the families and helps them through the difficult holiday season.  Please check out the charity’s website below and even if you might’ve donated it doesn’t hurt to help the other family in their time of need as well.  It looks to be an amazing event and I would like to thank Ryan and the organizers again for their kind hearts and thoughtfulness.

I am excited, but a little concerned about my lack of fitness, and expect to pull my hamstring in the first or second game.  Just because I am skinny, doesn’t mean I am in shape.  It has been a few months since my last physical outing…

Michael Walker

3 responses to “My First Charity Event for Glen, Representing the Game Glen Played First

  1. Uncle Jim says:

    You will represent Glen and everyone else with the style and finesse that you have done throughout this whole time, Michael. Win or lose, you are a winner. You and Glen have shown me what it is to be a truly amazing person. I will have to work harder to reach your level. I am proud to have you call me Uncle Jim.

  2. llapoh4u says:

    Wish I could make it!

  3. Jeff Nelson says:

    You are right, “SKINNY” does not equal “IN SHAPE”. Be careful. Have fun and it is all for a good cause. If I knew anything about soccer I would love to be there. I’ll check with Rachel and see if we can stop by the tournament. Do you know any of the games times as of yet?

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