moving forward

navigating through the life that was and moving into the life that is

Tuesday – 9:00 PM

on December 6, 2011
With Sandra’s permission, I would like to share her Facebook post earlier today:


Despite the realization I wake up to my family’s support continues to amaze me. Today I went on my first outing and although I didn’t drive (that’s a long-term goal) it was so nice to be out of the house and in the fresh air. I got to drop Cameron off at school and then for those who know of my hobbies I got to grocery shop at Publix! I didn’t have my normal coupons but with everything Candace taught me in addition to the blessings of the giftcards to Publix we received it went great. I was again speechless at how the employees recognized me and took such good care of us when they didn’t have to. My favorite employee came to give me a huge hug and let me know he had been praying and it is these moments when I feel the energy to continue and know that Glen is watching after me and is smiling down at me so proud.
Click if you would like to visit Sandra’s page.

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