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Saturday night

on December 10, 2011

It was indeed a busy day. We got the house decorated, we saw Uncle Mike not only play in his charity soccer game, The Father Christmas Cup, but take his Coyotes on to win the tournament! The play stopped for few moments while both fatherless families were recognized. This event has been held annually since 2003 to honor families who will be spending their first holiday without a parent.

We had dinner at one of Sandra and Glen’s favorite restaurants (this was her first time dining out). We came home and the kids watched Christmas movies and just went to bed. It was a long day for Sandra too, and she wasn’t far behind the kids.

She is using a walker and a wheelchair to get around but she gets stronger everyday. She also tires quickly, so today was quite strenuous, but it felt good to see her get out and about.


3 responses to “Saturday night

  1. Kim Carter says:

    It was great to see all of you today. Sandra looks great. Congratulations Mike on the win!

  2. Jeri Galloway says:

    This is all great to hear!

  3. Michele Southwell says:

    Hello. This is Michele, Michael’s god sister. I am glad that Michael played well and the team won Saturday. I am sure Glen was coahing Michael as he played. šŸ™‚ I am also glad Sandra is able to get out and around. Hugs and kisses to everyone, especially the kids. Take care.

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