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Sunday night

on December 11, 2011

Sandra went to her church (12Stone) today and it had a very positive effect. She has a strong faith and it will serve her well in weathering the difficult time she still faces. Between the laughter and the enjoyment of the children, there is still an incredible sadness which manifests itself at any given moment. Everything still reminds her of Glen and that won’t change anytime soon…nor should it. His absence is almost palpable at times and we all feel it. It seems so incredible that he is gone. I still kind of expect him to show up at any minute. I can only imagine the emptiness Sandra must feel when she thinks of him. May we all be given the strength and the grace to carry on the way she seems to be able to.


2 responses to “Sunday night

  1. tonia says:

    There were some of us in choir that were searching for Sandra…..we heard she was there….so sorry we missed her!!! 😦

  2. Kristen & Romano says:

    It was wonderful seeing Sandra at church yesterday, but just as sad to not see Glen there. But it was nice to see Sandra smile and laugh. She does seem to be doing very well considering. She is so strong and I know that she will continue to be. I will continue to pray for her and the kids and everyone that is helping the family through this.


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