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Tuesday, Dec. 27

on December 27, 2011

Today was a “good news” day for Sandra. She saw her doctor this morning and she does not have to have any more shots for the blood clotting. She will continue on coumadin (pill form) for the clotting until such time as it is no longer necessary. Also, she began therapy at Shepherd Pathways today. It will be a more rigorous program as she has to go for a three-hour block of time two to three times a week. This should speed up the time it will take overall for her rehabilitation, however.

Sandra’s mother will be going back to Grand Rapids next Monday, leaving my son Tom and me (along with help from the rest of the village) to see to Sandra’s recovery and help with the kids. She will certainly be missed and our bench strength will be quite diminished, but we will get through it.


2 responses to “Tuesday, Dec. 27

  1. Karen Schousen says:

    I can’t imagine how hard it will be for Cindy to leave the Walker residence. I have been talking with Char and we want to get the MI house ready for Cindy when she arrives. We are open to ideas!!!!!

  2. Cathy Commeret-Whitcomb says:

    A warm house – heat on, a dinner ready for later, a Slim Fast shake for the morning, and friends and family at the door. Cindy will be arriving with a heavy heart because she had to leave Sandy because she has to go back to work. Keep her in your prayers as she deals with going back to work and not being with Sandy. Love to you for thinking of her.

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