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Tough times and tough people

on January 8, 2012

Today was an incredibly validating sermon and made me have all kinds of realizations about what my mom means to me.  And I am lucky that although a mother/daughter relationship comes easily for us, I have an equally amazing relationship with my dad. That blog will come soon. 🙂

Pastor Kevin (PK) began with a story about how life doesn’t always go our way by sharing a cute story about his 8 year old son.  I cannot even begin to do the story justice so in a few weeks when it is available online, I will add the video to the blog.  He went on to quote Robert Shiller: “tough times never last, but tough people do.”  I instantly thought of my mother and this is what I wrote at church.

“I only hope I can instill the love of the Lord into my daughter the way my mother did in my life.  It was her vision and prayer for my life and my womanhood that allowed me to get there.  It was her devotion to the Lord despite the tough times in her life that made me see there was something in this “faith” thing.  I posted this picture to Facebook yesterday after I worked out my abs for the first time and did not even think about my shirt saying “inspirelife.” 

It was the shirt that I was given from the church to wear for my baptism on May 1 of this year.  Glen was my biggest supporter and always saw me feel unrest when others were being baptized because I saw the joy on their face and knew that my unrest was from the fact that I had never made a public declaration of my faith.  He knew that although I had received Christ many years before, being baptized was something I still wanted.

Here is a picture of the day I was baptized and you can see Glen in the white shirt cheering me on loudly.  My friend Carrie is next to him taking lots of pictures and crying tears of joy.
So now that I have explained the background on the shirt you can understand why I wear it all the time and never even thought about it’s symbolism in my life until now.  Wearing that shirt often is fitting because I wear that phrase in my heart every day from being blessed by my mother.  I watch her every day being a living example of Christ’s life and love.  As I’ve said before I do not say this to make it seem like my mom has no weaknesses or errors.  We all do, but despite her shortcomings or struggles she still gave me the most important legacy.
Her support after the accident and willingness to stay with me in the hospital while I was in such pain and agony is further validation that she is an amazing, selfless mother. She inspires lives daily and when things get tough, she is the definition of the person who “believes in God’s ‘better’ life, faces the obstacles, digs in” and does not just run away.  In life, you must have the ability to believe in the better life that God has in mind for you, to focus on rebuilding the pieces, and to dig in on your own accord and not expect God to just do it for you.  (paraphrasing PK).

I love you mom and thank you for everything you have taught me and done for me.

10 responses to “Tough times and tough people

  1. Cindy Meeker says:

    I love you so much honey! You made me cry! YOU inspire me everyday!

  2. Cathy Commeret-Whitcomb says:

    Yes, your Mom is one of those tough people. She does not give up in tough times, she meets it and makes it better. I watched her loving care and unwavering devotion to your care. You and she make me so proud. I love you both so much!!!

  3. Barbara says:

    All three of you are making me cry…and not the first time in the past 3 months!God bless the child……..fondly, barbara

  4. Barbara says:

    All three of you have me crying now…love you…God bless the child…..

  5. tonia says:

    Not many words to describe you sweetie…….tough is totally an understatement…….courageous, beatiful, loving, inspiring. I love you Sandra, and everything you have come to mean in the past few months, you inspire me to NOT give up…..on ANYTHING!!!! Love you girl!! See you soon!

  6. Sarah Kiesche says:

    I love your mom! She made me feel welcome from the second I met her and I immediately saw why you are such an incredible person! I also witnessed how hard it was for her to watch you struggle and as a fellow Mama I ached with her. I’m so glad your mom was able to stay as long as she did, and I’m glad I got to hug her neck one last time before she left!

  7. Carrie Staib says:

    Mama Cindy is the best!! I just love her! You are so much like her and I know you are raising Cam and Alana with the same values she raised you with. Loved seeing those pics again of your baptism. That was such a special day and you are right, Glen was sitting there cheering for you and being your biggest fan!!

  8. Ashani O'Mard says:

    Such an inspirational story! God speed!

  9. Penny Meschewski says:

    Your mom is an incredible person. You are just as incredible.

  10. Marcia Swiss says:

    This is soooo beautiful. You and Cindy are so blessed to have each other. We are so happy for you.

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