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Run, Sandra, Run!

on February 26, 2012

Yesterday was a very monumental day in my life.  I went for my first run outdoors and chose the track I had been training at which was at the high school Glen attended. His school is in a new location from the one he actually attended but he had run at this track with me as well.

My Aunt Margot, Mom, and kids were all in tow. The adults came because we wanted to make sure I was with someone in case something went wrong or I needed help with my balance as I ran. My kids came because there wasn’t a chance they would have missed it.  Alana has been a part of my whole running process and is my biggest encourager.  Of course, she helped me get all stretched out before beginning. 🙂

My plan of action was to complete a mile around the track which is 4 laps.  I broke that down into 8 segments, half a lap at a time. Segments 1, 3, 5 and 7 for walking. Segments 2, 4, 6, 8 for running!  The running segments were extremely hard and I experienced a lot of pain in the back of my left upper thigh area where I had a deep laceration from the accident.  It is completely closed now but the muscle involved is still weaker. Other than that, it went well and I feel like if I just keep going it will get easier. I was keeping track of my times because I am a runner! and it would be impossible for me to do this without knowing my time.  Also I want to have something to work towards. Below is a picture of me running fast and furiously! 😛 This was my first segment of running and my  mom was an excellent photographer.

I continued the one mile goal and as I was walking segment 7, I had some serious doubts about being able to run segment 8, the final segment.  And then I imagined in my mind, Glen shouting out “Run, Sandra, Run” (Forrest Gump style 🙂 ) and I took off.

My family was keeping track so they were also aware that this was my final segment.  Alana was up and cheering and Cameron joined in too.  What more inspiration could you need than that? 🙂 And it was into their arms I ran and then immediately sat down to stretch.

Cameron came over and sat in my lap and was so proud of me that it brought me to tears.  At 2, I have no idea how he realized this was such a big deal, but he has watched me since the day he came to the hospital to see me and somehow he knew that me running like that was an amazing thing!

After some quick math, I found that my running segments were 7:20 and my walking segments were 8:08 for a 1 mile time of 15:28!!! Woohoo. You can tell by the small difference in the times between walking and running that I was not running very fast but…I was RUNNING! Haha.  You can see in this picture that there was some intense concentration going on while I was running and that I was working hard.  I still hadn’t even broken a sweat yet through physical therapy or going to the gym and I am happy to say with this workout, I finally did!

4 responses to “Run, Sandra, Run!

  1. Tonia says:

    Sandra, you are an amazing woman……and I can’t tell you that enough!!!

  2. Char Firlik says:

    You go girl! Glen would be so proud of you and the kids. Hugs, Jeri and Char

  3. Jenn Sheahan says:

    Yay Sandra! I love, love, love, love, love this blog! You are amazing and inspiring and it moves me so much that your whole family partakes in this process with you! And I would have to say that the 48 seconds between walking and running is huge! Great, great, great work!! I am always proud of you!

  4. It’s amazing how you’re back on your feet so fast! Bravo!

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