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4 months, 4 things about God, and Alana’s letter to God

on March 22, 2012

Today is 4 months since Glen’s passing and the way the Almighty has taken hold of our lives is astonishing. Here is one example:

The other night, Alana and I were doing our nightly devotional.  She craves them each night and often wants to do more than one, which is always okay with me! This particular night discussed how “humans may seem strong sometimes. But all humans can get sick or hurt and even die…and everyone sins and lies at some time but not God…we can trust him completely” because He will never sin against us or lie.  The prayer at the end was “Thanks for being a superhero that I can always trust, God.  I’m glad You don’t lie or change Your mind.  I love you.”  She always likes for me to read the prayer and then Alana reads the prayer again.  On this particular night, this particular devotional stirred up some thoughts in her about God and the Devil, a concept which we really have not discussed much at all.  She said she wanted to write a letter to God, that she had things to say.  I of course say yes and what happens next can only be explained as a God thing.  Over the next few hours, until after midnight she verbally told me her letter to God and I wrote it down.  She would be done, roll over to fall asleep, and then say “wait, I have more!” It was incredible.  I was left speechless many times and so grateful to hear everything she was saying.  I teared up many times.  Here is the complete letter:

Dear God,

Thank you for keeping the devil out of our hearts.  Thank you for being stronger than the devil.

You should get an award for being way more nicer to the devil than he is to you.  And Your award is me. And You are in our hearts. You never will get out of our hearts. We all know that You wouldn’t be out of our hearts. And God is more powerful than everybody and He never will do something to be mean back to someone else.  You should know that everybody loves you no matter what. We love you God.  You will never be out of our hearts.

God you are powerful, you will never ever ever ever ever do a mistake in our hearts like us being mean to someone else. You make a child but the devil puts mean into them so they are mean to other children, but God’s more powerful than that.  And God I’m your #1 fan.

It’s like I had an invisible line in my head and the devil was on one side. So I teared it up and threw it out the window and put God on both sides. But one Devil can make a difference. So the line came back and this time the devil erased God’s line and went to his side.  But God put a brick wall up and the devil couldn’t stand it so the devil left. So God took the brick wall down and now He has a full space in my head to do His work. And  He will never let go of a child’s hand. And the Devil hasn’t bothered to knock on His wall again.  But when I was about to go to sleep I prayed to God “you need to be in my head and put a brick wall in my head and make sure the devil won’t come back so you have a full space to do all your work.” The work that God has done in me is to make me happy.  Because no matter what he’s not going to make me mean.  The devil, don’t listen to him, he has mean in his heart and God needs to guide him to the niceness in his heart. But the devil wanted only to be mean.  He was mean for a little while, but he’s been mean too much so that all his niceness went away.  Which means – the Devil, he’s not powerful. God is powerful.  Don’t listen to the Devil, he’s never going to make your life better.

And I know the devil will never get in our hearts. God, you are brave, You are smart, You are powerful. You will never get out of our hearts. And God I pick you today. I will never let go of your hand because you are the smartest one.


It seems appropriate to put the last thing she said at the end.  Because today is 4 months and Alana had 4 things she wanted to make sure we all knew about God.

1. God made us

2. God is our life

3. We are supposed to love God

4. God will never be as foolish as the Devil

So here I am today, four months into my healing, being humbled by my 6 year old’s wisdom about God.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And as my friend Leesa said “Thank u God for protection of this child’s mind and life!!”  God is good. All the time.  And all the time. God is good.

“You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us

All around
Hope is springing up from this old ground
Out of chaos life is being found in You

You make me new, You are making me new
You make me new, You are making me new”

5 responses to “4 months, 4 things about God, and Alana’s letter to God

  1. Kristen says:

    Just WOW!!!! Alana is somethin’ else and I know you are just proud to pieces!!! And I know Glen is too. God bless her and all of you guys!!! ;o)

  2. Leesa says:

    I’m amazed to see a 7 year old get it right when most grown ups still can’t figure it out ☺ She has the truth in her heart and already knows God has definitely got it covered ❤ what a beautiful girl and her beautiful Momma!! You continue to inspire all of us! Love to all your family!! Xoxo

  3. How amazing this little Alana is!! I enjoyed reading this story as well as the others and continue to pray for you all each day. God Bless!

  4. Amanda Sorrellle says:

    I am humbled by Alana’s words and strength. You are so blessed!!!! Hugs to all of you and continued prayers for continues healing of physical needs, hearts, and minds.
    Amanda Sorrelle

  5. […] I’m super excited to hear it and tell her to read it to me.  She does.  She finishes, looks at me and I am misty eyed and completely transfixed with what she has read to me.  I suppose she had the same feeling I did when we returned to Michigan from Georgia: we were home. As I wrote in 2012, I continue to be amazed at how much I learn from my children and how living with a parent with a brain injury affects them.  I am quite certain that for every struggle I have with them, I have about a million beautiful moments where they teach me something new. What did Alana teach  me this time? What did she put into words for me? Life is magical and although it is always nice to visit where we used to live, there is no place like home. It is my pleasure to share, for the second time on my blog, Alana’s amazing writing: […]

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