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Life in fast motion :)

on April 16, 2012

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.  My mom came for a visit and the day after she arrived, I took my mom, Aunt Margot and the kids to Disney on Ice.  It would be an understatement to say my children loved it!!!

Up next was the big move! I’d like to say my mom came for a leisurely visit but she came to help me and the kids move into a new house. My mom’s twin sister, Aunt Cathy, was here as well and I owe the completion of this project to them. As I have read about grief and healing, all the books say to be careful about making big changes right after your loss. And a new house is a big change! Glen and I had begun talking about it and discussing what kind of house we would want, so that made me feel so much more secure and directed in my search. I am glad that I had my parents and friends to help me make this decision and guide me once I made the decision.  I am very confident and comfortable with the choice I have made and have been blessed in so many ways as the move took place.

The best way to show evidence of this is pictures:

The kids riding their bikes outside!

Unpacking while the kids enjoy their very own bedrooms!

Reading in Cameron's room.

Date night with mommy!! We went out to dinner and I drove!

Although the past two weeks have gone by in fast motion, I didn’t miss a moment of it. I was present through all the joys and all the heartaches. I have been through an intense amount of healing and clarity in the last few weeks. The move was made possible because of the hard work and devotion that my mom, Aunt Cathy, Dad, and brother Tom had to make this move possible. Among the many others who came out to help unpack, bring dinner, and watch the kids so we could focus on moving. 🙂 Seeing the joy on my children’s face during this whole move has been extraordinary. We have openly talked about daddy throughout the whole process and of all things, both of my children wanted one of daddy’s trophies for their rooms. They are both very proud of the trophy in their room. And I am glad that despite all the changes and all the loss, a little piece of Daddy is watching over them every night.

One response to “Life in fast motion :)

  1. Kristen says:

    Aww, I Love the trophies in the room. That’s wonderful, Sandra. Glad the move went well for you all. And once again, CONGRATS!!! ;o) Happy for you and the kids. :o)

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