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A Year In Retrospect…the second quarter

on January 7, 2013


***The second quarter began with Disney on Ice!***

As you can see, Cameron absolutely loved it. He was awestruck and talked about it every day for months.disneyoniceThe crew!

Just a few days later my Mom’s twin sister, my Aunt Cathy, arrived to help my family pack up the house. 012 There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for everyone that helped me move. I am still certain of my decision, but I did not have the strength at the time to pack up my life with Glen. That is what I felt like. I was packing up not only his life, but our life together, and there were certainly moments that I simply felt helpless. I wept and I mourned, however, I knew I was not able to live in the place that our life started together. I also was not able to live with the kids by myself yet, so we were very low on space. So I began the move into what is honestly, the house of Glen’s dreams. moveWhen I saw it, before I even walked in, I knew it was the one. I praise God for the love and care of my friend’s mother, Ginny, who was my real estate agent. I had already thought about bidding on another house when she said, “I have one more to show you.” She knew that it had a few of the things I had said that Glen wanted and boy did it ever!

Everything went so well and my family blessed me so abundantly by allowing me to work at my pace both physically and emotionally. While also letting me drink iced coffee. 😛

On April 27th, Arena Tavern held a golf tournament which honored Glen.


It was so incredible to have this many people together that loved Glen and were able to make the day fun and special.


On April 30th, I returned to work as a teacher. schoolI was to be doing half days and pulling small groups instead of taking over a full classroom. I was so excited to return and so ready. However, it is at this time that I really began to see my brain injury for what it was – severe. I would have never known, if I had not tried. Knowing that I had tried, gave me to freedom to allow myself more time to heal, to stop pushing myself to be who I was before the accident. In that respect, I am so glad that I tried. I am so glad for the school’s support. The one thing I know is that I love teaching and that is a part of me and always will be.


This month my sweet boy turned 3!!! As a surprise for both kids, not only was Grandma coming from Michigan, but I also had a play yard built in the backyard.




Needless to say, they were so excited about both things! 🙂

The very next day we celebrated his birthday and also had a housewarming party.

cambdaycambday.jpg2DSC_0054 DSC_0020 DSC_0035


June 17th was our first Father’s Day without Glen. Alana was away in Colorado so Cameron and I went to Glen’s grave together for the first time. We went the day before to get the grave ready. Cameron and I decided to decorate with UGA things. Overall, it was an incredibly healing visit. There were definitely some questions from Cameron and they were huge in further processing what Daddy dying really meant.


The end of June was a very wonderful time. We headed back home to Michigan for a few weeks break. First thing on the schedule was a hometown 5K that I had never participated in before.

egrThe registration pick up was at my high school and the race was through the streets of the small town I grew up in so it was very exciting. Add to that three cousins running in the race and one of my good friends from college and his fiance running with me and it was all together an awesome experience. Here we are at the finish line! 🙂 summerrace

summerrace1Next up were Alana and Cameron’s races! summerrace2

lalaAs if that were not enough for one day, it was also my sweet Alana’s 7th birthday!


Another three months were in the books for 2012. It seriously exhausts me to see everything we were doing. But in hindsight, I know it was perfect. I know that I had to choose every day to either get up and keep going or to stay in bed. I chose to get up. That choice is more than half the battle; the choice to keep going allows amazing experiences to come into your life. I began to learn around this time that I not only had to keep fighting for me, but that I had to keep fighting for my kids. Everything they knew, everything they were accustomed to…changed. In an instant, their lives were never going to be the same. And despite the severity of my injury and a recovery that seemed highly unlikely, I am here. I am here. Here to be everything I can be for my kids. Here to bring them up the way that Glen and I dreamt about. Here to give them life, even on the days when I could barely breathe myself.


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  1. Adele says:

    absolutely beautiful Sandra! 🙂

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